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Ogham Treasure Jewellery is  designed and  handcrafted  in Athlone by Katie McCay.

Inspired by Ogham , the first written form of Gaelic.

This writing  was found carved on stone in Ireland, Scotland and Wales and reads from the bottom to the top.

Each piece of Ogham Treasure jewellery  is an ancient  Gaelic word:

Available in the  these following words:

 Grá/Love, Cara/Friend, Sláinte/Health, Áthas/Joy, Beannacht/Blessing, Sonas/Happiness.
 Clann/Family, Ceol/Music, Rince/Dance, Erin/Ireland.


Made in Westmeath in Sterling silver

Ogham Treasure Jewellery makes a unique gift for yourself or a friend or family member.

Each piece comes  boxed and  gift wrapped with an information card about ogham writing .
ogham treasure